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NFC label for the purchase enhancement.

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We certify your products and guarantee its authenticity. Every product becomes unique thanks to the integration of our NFC tag associated to a secure univocal code.

Youtentic helps you to increase your sales by adding a new social meaning to your products and providing new digital services to your customers.

Youtentic tags can be geolocalized to help you to see how your products are moving.

Originality check

Youtentic allows to certify whether a product is genuine or not through a high secure digital authentication. It can be read with Youtentic app.


Youtentic provides a spectrum of innovative services to the customer accessible through the app like information, images and videos about the product.


Youtentic app integrates main social network features to allow users to share with firends what they are going to buy and get opinions from them.

Mobile App

Youtentic App allows to verify the authenticity of a product just placing the phone close to our logo on the product for few seconds. Once it recognize the product, Youtentic App gives the customer access to many additional services.

Youtentic app is available for the most popular smartphones.

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